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Coach8 International Coaching Academy
is the world's leading online learning platform for coach
Focus on the training of the coach's ability so that the coach can be applied more effectively

Coach 8 (coach bar) is a community that promotes personal professional ability through personalized and accompanying learning. Coach 8 centers on Asia, connects students from America, Australia, Europe, Oceania and Africa (29 countries / regions), and provides them with ICF (International Coach Federation) Recognized ACTP, acsth and CCE courses. "8" in the name of coach8 comes from the metaphor of "Mobius ring" proposed by German mathematician (Mobius), and conforms to the endless meaning of English infinity. It represents that coaching is a process of endless research.

  • ICF certified ACSTH and ACTP courses

    Coach8 has the training qualification of certification courses recognized by ICF. Students can obtain ACSTH or ACTP completion certificate after learning and assessment, and use this to apply for ACC or PCC certification from ICF official, which is the only way to apply for ICF certification.

  • At least 3 times more than the required course content of ICF certification

    Coach8's course is far longer than the acc60 hours or pcc125 hours required by ICF certification. The expansion of extension knowledge is indispensable for both professional coaches and personal growth. Choosing coach8 will help you save a lot of expenses for studying abroad and truly achieve high cost performance.

  • Own coach practice platform

    Coach is a skill that pays more attention to practice. Coach 8 creates a coach. Top trading platform, which is booming with 8000-10000 coach trading orders every year; While learning and practicing, coach8 coaches are really practicing coaches to help themselves and others become masters in their own life.

  • Efficient learning model

    Coach8's course is a combination of online and offline learning. Online we use the international leading educational concept to turn the classroom, through a large number of recording and broadcasting + live broadcasting + practice + tutors to guide systematic learning, and offline we use theme workshops as supplement and improvement. In the past few years, We held tens of thousands of live interactive courses + more than 4000 tutor guidance courses + nearly 100 offline theme workshops to achieve the effect of learning and practicing from time to time.

  • Global unique refined tutor Guidance Course

    Fully consider the coach's personal growth, skill level and whether he meets the ICF assessment. In the process of coach8 learning, there will be at least 30 tutor guidance + 6-10 coaching log supervision, circular Learning + practice + tutor guidance, so as to clarify the direction of learning and practice.

  • Free retraining within the validity period

    The perspective of learning the same course in different periods will change, especially after a period of practice and tutor guidance, retraining will strengthen the effectiveness of learning.

  • Xue tielin PCC Beijing | Founder
  • Betty PCC Melbourne | Senior Tutor
  • May PCC Taibei | Senior Tutor
  • Xiaoqing PCC Shanghai | Senior Tutor
  • Teresa PCC Beijing | Senior Tutor
  • Xintian PCC Singapore | Senior Tutor
  • Yanling / Zero point Marketing Director
  • Liu Jin / Former financial director of
  • Zhang Bingjun / Brain Tech CEO
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